Advancing Courageously with Vulnerable Authenticity

Jeaneen recognizing a new chord

Relax into the video below which asks some powerful questions….

  • What happens when you get to where you believe you should be?
  • How do you recognize opportunities and step forward into creating a “what’s next’ from that opportunity?
  • Might everything start with the relationship between you and a somebody or something?
  • Might you have the opportunity to recognize this and to create your own story?
  • What story is out there waiting to be told?
  • Are you courageous enough to live with the not knowing?
  • How naked are you prepared to be?

Registration is still open (and there is a space left for you) for my annual mid year private “Renew, Re-focus and Re-engage” sessions.  (FYI, The photo of me above was taken just before one of these uniquely customized sessions.) Together we will recognize the opportunities that are there for you to co-create into right now.

Advancing with a Leap

Kevin Leaping with Certainty

I wonder, what will have you leap?  Not just meander along, but really, no kidding,  jump with full certainty and ALL your power toward what you know is waiting for you.  In yoga class this morning, Jorge talked about the importance of honoring the past.  He taught that the lessons learned in the past are the strength behind us.   Awareness of this strength allows us to have the courage to leap into our future.

When it’s time to leap, it is so important to remember who we have become, where we have been and what we have come to know to be true along the way.  Yes, the past is the past.   That said,  it is profoundly important to celebrate the wins, process the disappointments and articulate the lessons we have gathered.  This storehouse of wisdom, gives us the strength and certainty needed to LEAP toward our vision.

I’m not going to go on about the importance of vision here.  Simply said, we must get clear (and stoked) about what we  want.  The clues to a fresh vision of what’s next, emerge naturally from reflection on what we have been up to while listening to the deep, quiet  yearnings within.

If you crave the exhilaration of  starting this new year with a courageous LEAP, registration for  An Opening to 2012 is open through January 31. (Sessions can be scheduled through February but you have to be registered by January 31.)  Are you going to leap or stay stuck?  You choose.

Advancing with Boldness and Courage

Time to Prune?

How alluring is the temptation in our lives and business, to shift things in a slow, deliberate, careful way?

Here’s what inspired me to ask  this question:   There is a EPA Superfund site on the Island where I live, that has been cleaning up creosote that was left behind by a wood treatment facility since 1988. They still have 1,000,000 gallons of contaminants remaining in the earth and right now their cleanup strategy pumps out 60 gallons a month. I did a quick calculation and it’s going to take 1,388 YEARS to complete this project!

The complexity of this project and the seriousness of the risk probably merit the current approach and these stats got me pondering.  Are we going at our internal and business clean up in a way that doesn’t rock the status quo or make too much of a mess and well, could take FOREVER?

Truth is, sometimes a BOLD shift in approach and some heavy duty pruning back is ESSENTIAL to achieve goals in a timely manner. The “careful way” might just make it IMPOSSIBLE to get where we want to go. Yes I know, bold shifts can be excruciatingly uncomfortable. While it might be against our nature (down right terrifying) to boldly rock the boat, sweeping changes are often essential if we are committed to leading in a way that gives us a chance at achieving our highest destiny. To use a fruit tree metaphor, life energy cannot flow through dead branches.

My challenge today is to get curious. Where are you stuck in a pattern that needs to shift? What fears are holding you back? Get very clear and evaluate honestly what is true. Now is the time to boldly prune back what is no longer serving, for the sake of the FRESH growth ahead.

This is the last call for my private beginning of the year sessions. “An Opening to 2011” Reflection & Intention Sessions. This annual program is proven and powerful.  You will create vivid insight and a fresh beginning, with me right next to you to champion your pruning process.

Registration closes Jan 31 so now is the time.

Retreating into the Darkness or is it really the Light?

A Moment of Joy

My parents have both had health challenges.  They are 99 and 94 and live close by.  Since December 7th I have been with them in hospital rooms and ambulances.  I’ve held their hands and watched them heroically face their destiny.  I’ve had moments where I’ve done well and  moments when I’ve fallen apart.

Through it all, I kept repeating “This will be the best Christmas ever.”  There was not much evidence to support this idea.  None of the trappings of a beautiful holiday seemed close at hand.  And…in the end I did attract a lovely Christmas eve dinner with Kevin and a beautiful church service that was freely available to me.  I just had to walk through the door.  My older sisters were tirelessly present and many, many friends offered prayers and blessings.  Each and every holiday card this year was treasured in ways that their senders can’t even imagine. 

My parents are not having the end of life experience that I would have hoped for them.  I don’t know if there is anything I can do about that.  The best solution I could muster was to get them into the same room together.  Now I  simply hold them with courageous and compassionate strength as I allow them to do their thing, whatever that looks like for them.

Yet the questions of leadership remain.  How do I take a stand for what they need when  I really don’t know what they need and I can’t trust my emotional responses to what I am witnessing?     The answer simply seems to be to unfold one moment at a time.  One breath at a time.  Keep turning my mind back to my heart’s wisdom and courage.  Keep trusting Grace.  Keep following the rays of light.  Keep savoring each and every moment of  Joy.   Keep turning away from the dark thoughts and surrendering myself and each of us into the light of Love.

Sparking Boldness

My new bracelet with designer Kathy Sparkman

I met Kathy Sparkman the day she was done doing things the way she had always done them.  That day she became a private coaching client and stepped boldly and courageously forward.   Kathy now creates jewelry that inspires fresh energy and confident presence.  I’m stepping into a bolder vision  and Kathy designed a new bracelet to remind me of who I need to be to get where I’m going.  It looks nothing like what I’ve worn in the past.  I do believe that is the essence of boldness!  My question for you is   How will you boldly step forward and claim your vision?   For a limited time,  I’m offering Summer private mini retreats .  Is today your day to remove your golden hand cuffs (that chain you to the way things are) and put on a new bold and beautiful bracelet?

Sunset or Sunrise -Keep going farther!


I’m celebrating my first day in my new Seattle office!  Walking from the ferry this morning along the waterfront, I noticed the beautiful sunrise light, the light of a new beginning, dancing on the water.  Last night at sunset, Kevin and I finally arrived at a long overdue BIG decision to say NO.  Today at sunrise, I welcome a new chapter in my business with a long overdue YES!!!   The No had to happen to make room for the Yes.  We must let go of where we are stuck before we can grasp on to what is next.  This is the only way we “go farther”.  I notice the limiting “default” setting of my mind is to yo-yo back and forth trying to avoid both the no and the yes, trying in vain to keep things exactly as they matter how much suffering is present.   Actually, I believe the tendency toward indecision, to cling to our comfort zone  is stronger when we are suffering.  Now that I’m enjoying my Yes…I realize once again the power of paving the way for a Yes with a No.   Sunrise can’t happen without Sunset.  Where do you choose to say No to embrace your most cherished Yes?  I challenge you to do it right now!

Advancing to Freedom


I just returned from gathering the first batch of bright orange fall leaves from the smallest maple tree back by the big cedars.   Fall always feels like a new beginning to me. Maybe it’s the golden light and the fresh sea breeze?  Maybe it’s the falling leaves that remind me to boldly let go of everything that no longer serves?

I spent August offering service at an international retreat center.  The theme I chose for this month of retreat was strengthening my inner courage and clarity.  I can’t say I am even close to unpacking what was transformed within me.  What did I let go of?  What did I grasp on to?  How did I choose? All I know is there is a new person looking through my eyes.  Or perhaps, for the first time I am keenly aware of who is really looking through my eyes.  

All is vivid and clear and yes, I do feel great courage and confidence.  I’m back on Bainbridge Island coaching and silently integrating. I find myself speaking what is true and offering to others with great gratitude, all I have received. 

To be free you must learn what to let go of and what to grasp on to and when.

Retreat to Surrender & Practicing Losing

I’m practicing the art of surrender.  Right before the United States Independence Day holiday, I realized that I had once again slipped into things being hard, endless trying, stress, overwhelm and a generally lousy place of disappointment.  I’ve been grieving losses and unmet expectations.  Face down in the mud of my life,  I pleaded, if I surrender may I please have things be easier?   A voice replied.  “What do you give up when you say you surrender?”  Well it’s a long list the surrender list.  

I surrender my suffering, pain, fear, my trying to achieve a particular outcome and my expectations.   I was reading that true surrender is not done from a place of HAVING to surrender.  Surrender is something we choose because we WANT to surrender.  I’ve been leading personal retreats this month and reading When Fear Falls Away-the story of a sudden awakening by Jan Fraizer  It strikes me that how she became fearless is she did indeed surrender to the natural flow of the river of her inner Divine Power.   And here’s the thing…rather abruptly joy and bliss took hold of her and never again let go.

Here is a poem that articulates this process so beautifully.  The author is a radiant, beautiful, courageous inspiring female executive, who is, as I am…and all my clients are, up to great things in our world.  Her vision is huge, her leadership is potent and yes, she has gotten good at losing.  I’ll let her say it herself:

Practicing Losing-For Advanced Beginners

I practice losing now. Losing my expectations held on so tightly  Losing my expectations of myself, my future, my perfectly stacked ice cream cone.  All floating up like pieces of burnt paper from a fire, or the way snowflakes disappear when they hit a warm surface.

I practice losing now, losing an identity I thought I was supposed to have.  Losing a mask I was supposed to wear.  Losing a practicality that once served in some way and only now seems awkward and uncomfortable. 

I’m practicing losing now and seeing, discovering what’s still there.