Advancing Naked with Courageous Vulnerability

Jeaneen recognizing a new chord

Relax into the video below which asks some powerful questions….

  • What happens when you get to where you believe you should be?
  • How do you recognize opportunities and step forward into creating a “what’s next’ from that opportunity?
  • Might everything start with the relationship between you and a somebody or something?
  • Might you have the opportunity to recognize this and to create your own story?
  • What story is out there waiting to be told?
  • Are you courageous enough to live with the not knowing?
  • How naked are you prepared to be?

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Retreating into Discipline

Bursting with Vibrancy

This is the summer of discipline for yours truly.  I know it doesn’t sound all that exciting, at first blush.  I am focusing on amplifying my energy and radiance, encouraging more vibrancy to flow through.   This means disciplining my mind, senses and focus.  I’m letting go of my attachment to the pleasurable and engaging only in what will be most beneficial.

As far as my schedule and pace, I’m doing what peak performers do, pulsing my energy in 1.5 hour increments with periods of renewal in between vs working non stop until I drop.  Operating at a more optimal energy level has me make stronger choices and increases my ability to take a stand for what is needed in each moment.  Now that’s leadership!

Discipline strengthens our ability to naturally feel bliss, in fact, it is said that it creates a fountain of nectar.  Isn’t that beautiful?   Discipline creates bliss that is not dependent upon activity, attachment or passion.  Happiness that can only happen when I get what I want has an inevitable sorrow attached to it.  Bliss that blossoms out of discipline on the other hand is clothed in deep contentment.

What sort of discipline do you choose to call forth in yourself this summer?  How will the energy you are creating within support your ability to enliven your vision and goals?   Just asking.

If the idea of discipline has you inspired, yet deep down you know that left to your own devices NOTHING will change, I have good news!  Registration is still open (and yes you can sign up right now,) for one of my annual mid year “Renew, Re-focus and Re-engage” sessions.  Together we will get you tracking toward manifesting your deepest wisdom.


Advancing with Fresh Energy
Sun setting behind the New Seattle Ferris Wheel

I am returning with fresh energy after a brief hiatus.  My step father, who was 101 years old, passed away on May 6.   We were close in every way.  I had the extraordinary experience of being with him during the last days of his life.  Here are the 10 things I have learned about life looking through the eyes of this time.

  1. Love is really all that matters in the end.
  2. We will be remembered for our virtues and our impact on others (not necessarily how much money or stuff we have left.)
  3. It’s all very mysterious and silent.   Where do we go in the end?
  4. I am courageous and capable of WAY more than I thought I was.  The Energy within can meet any challenge.  I trust that Energy completely and draw my confidence from there.  (You can too.)
  5. There are amazing people all around who show up fully (and without hesitation) in moments of intense need.  These people are not necessarily who you expect (or hope) they will be.  When you are called to step forward, step forward with a big YES.  There is not necessarily a back up.
  6. Loss and birth are intertwined.  “The Universe says that loss demands birth and two are lovers.”  Deena Metzger.  
  7. Seeing death at close range, gets us committed to LIVE  life fully and passionately.
  8. Focus on the goal and savor each moment.
  9. We really don’t have that much time to dink around doing what doesn’t resonate.
  10. Playing a ukulele can make you smile no matter what is going on.

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