List of Always

Always travel lighter than your heart.

Always engage in joyful meandering banter even though you simply want to walk alone and hide your desire too belong.

Always sing if the opportunity arises pausing everything to be part of a chorus of voices and listen.

Always remember Grace, invisible, working its way into the cracks and crevices of darkness where the creepy crawly multi-legged insects of your ego tend to live and drive you insane with worry.

Always say yes to invitations that involve moonlight sparkling on the water and the opportunity to lay down flat on your back and gaze into the night sky.

Always keep the list of your boundaries close at hand and read them often.

Always chocolate will be priority #1… especially on certain days when nothing else will do.

Sept 13, 2023.  Bainbridge Island.  Salt Water Writing



Bainbridge Island  September 13, 2023   Salt Water Writing   Packing for the Future Instructions, Lorna Krowsher