Advancing Courageously with Vulnerable Authenticity

Jeaneen recognizing a new chord

Relax into the video below which asks some powerful questions….

  • What happens when you get to where you believe you should be?
  • How do you recognize opportunities and step forward into creating a “what’s next’ from that opportunity?
  • Might everything start with the relationship between you and a somebody or something?
  • Might you have the opportunity to recognize this and to create your own story?
  • What story is out there waiting to be told?
  • Are you courageous enough to live with the not knowing?
  • How naked are you prepared to be?

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Emotional Maturity

Managing Difficult Conversations Feb 8 and Last Call for an Opening to 2017
“This is the purpose of emotion, to let a streaming beauty flow through you.” -Rumi

I have been spending the last months building my storehouse of compassion and allowing emotions to flow through. I wonder, if these might be two of the elemental themes in leadership period. I believe that one of the best human experiences imaginable is to connect with what is alive in myself and another. This profound connection is the foundation of effective communication.

The challenge, of course, is our emotional reactions often get us tangled sideways. I see emotional masturity, consciously noticing and allowing our emotions to flow through us without getting attached to a story as pivotal in effective communication.

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Retreating and Advancing in Love, nothing but Love.

Soul Blossoming

The soul needs love as urgently as the body needs air.  In the warmth of love, the soul can be itself.  All the possibilities of your human destiny are asleep in your soul.  You are here to realize and honor these possibilities.  When love comes into your life, unrecognized dimensions of your destiny awaken and blossom and grow.

 –John O’Donohue– Anam Cara page 9

May I seek only to love.

May I love myself completely and nurture my soul.

May I cherish all the love in my heart and may this love awaken and unfold my unique destiny.

Today, I commit to expanding love, welcoming love and nurturing the experience of love, fiercely.

May I be a cultivator of love in people, places and activities.

May my work be an offering of gratitude, the love in my heart overflowing into the world nourishing the blossoming of souls.

Happy Birthday to me and Happy Indian New Year!

Advancing Powerfully with Whole Hearted Vulnerability

I love this talk by Brene Brown.  Whole hearted people live from a deep sense of worthiness.  We have courage, compassion and thrive on authentic connection.  We believe that our vulnerabilty indeed makes us beautiful and yes, powerful beyond measure..  Spend 20 minutes listening to her and I guarantee you will be deeply transformed.   Thank you Brene!

Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability

Advancing with Contentment

Contented sunflowers

Some friends, who I haven’t seen for a while, dropped by for an unexpected visit on Saturday.  It was a bit of a rescue mission, I think, as I had expressed frustration that things were not exactly as I had hoped they would be earlier in the week.  What a wake up call to realize I had been complaining amidst the bounty of miraculous things that are indeed precious to me and um…pretty much on track.

Today, I heard this great phrase from my coach Laura West.  She said, “When you feel frustrated you are resisting who you are becoming.”

This got me pondering. The key to connecting back to the goodness of who we are actually becoming is noticing and yes, celebrating who we are being.   To get there we must be very kind to ourselves and yes, hit the inner “reset button” when we veer off track into frustration.   Especially if we find ourselves complaining about something that is indeed, pretty amazing, but simply isn’t happening fast enough, BIG enough or unfolding in a way that matches our specific expectations.

This week, notice when you are resisting, feeling stuck or complaining and turn toward celebration of what IS working.  Turn toward self-acknowledgement for all the ways you are showing up for you, even though the conditions may not be ideal or fit the specific picture you had envisioned.  (A picture that may simply need to be shifted, by the way.)

Hit your inner “reset button” and savor deep contentment for what is.

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Retreating into the Mud to Evoke Transformative Change

Last years blossoms

Yesterday on my walk, I felt sad that I have missed one of my favorite spring scenes; beautiful blossoms drenched in sunlight against a blue sky.  This year the scene is more like blossoms in the cold rain against a dark grey sky while tromping through oozing slippery mud.  This is “what is” and I can’t accept “what is” until I fully experience the sadness of the “what is” not being what “I had intended it would be.”

As humans we must experience the sadness of the loss of the dream first in order to embrace and create from the destiny that is actually unfolding.

Put another way, I simply can’t get to the experience of somehow accepting the reality of the muddy blossoms without first being with the disappointment of the dream of the sunny blossoms slipping away.

“Being with” pain and anger is the place where we so often miss the mark.  We try and rise up out of the mud and push down the emotion of being in the mud, when what is truly most beneficial to our growth is the ability to be IN the mud.  In fact the only way through the mud is to fully experience it.  We naturally want to sidestep this piece, moving directly toward trying to reframe the situation in a positive light.

As a leader of transformational change, watch for those places of emotional charge and practice the art of pausing to be with your feelings.  Lead yourself and your team into the authentic emotional texture of each loss before moving on to revising goals or expectations.  You’ll free up valuable energy that was previously used to avoid or rise above the whole mess.  Here’s the bonus; you get to evolve as a leader and a human being.  (Get it…Human BEING).

Transformed by Bliss

Jeaneen with Dominique Gabella after her performance at the Amazing Women Circle

Access to Bliss is multifaceted and sometimes elusive.  Bliss emerges at unexpected times.  I felt bliss this morning when I was deeply engaged, leading a group of colleagues I greatly admire, evoking new ideas and innovation.   I felt deep bliss when I awoke, curled up in my blankets, completely at ease.  I was completely present in that moment empty of emotional intensity.  As I move through this time of transition with my parents, I am noticing that Bliss arises on the other side of the dark places and it springs forth unexpectedly in the dark places too.

Bliss and creativity are linked in that they arise from the same place.  The reason that Dominique’s work is so precious to me is that when she dances, the sheer beauty and delight of her being, along with her physical movement of course, evokes in me a connection to the pool of bliss from which her creativity emerges.  Every time I rest in this pool of bliss even for a moment I am transformed.

When we are deeply resonant with our values, Bliss is ignited.  For example, I have a huge value around “personal best”; offering my very best to the world in a way that has great impact and reflects who I am… and being with others who are doing the same. This explains the Bliss I feel in my work, especially when I am evoking transformation within amazing leaders who are deeply committed to refining and empowering their impact.

I don’t know how or when bliss will show up for you.  What I do know is the more we can be present in this moment, the more we are conscious of who we are at or very core, the more readily our access will be.