Advancing Courageously with Vulnerable Authenticity

Jeaneen recognizing a new chord

Relax into the video below which asks some powerful questions….

  • What happens when you get to where you believe you should be?
  • How do you recognize opportunities and step forward into creating a “what’s next’ from that opportunity?
  • Might everything start with the relationship between you and a somebody or something?
  • Might you have the opportunity to recognize this and to create your own story?
  • What story is out there waiting to be told?
  • Are you courageous enough to live with the not knowing?
  • How naked are you prepared to be?

Registration is still open (and there is a space left for you) for my annual mid year private “Renew, Re-focus and Re-engage” sessions.  (FYI, The photo of me above was taken just before one of these uniquely customized sessions.) Together we will recognize the opportunities that are there for you to co-create into right now.

Advancing Powerfully with Whole Hearted Vulnerability

I love this talk by Brene Brown.  Whole hearted people live from a deep sense of worthiness.  We have courage, compassion and thrive on authentic connection.  We believe that our vulnerabilty indeed makes us beautiful and yes, powerful beyond measure..  Spend 20 minutes listening to her and I guarantee you will be deeply transformed.   Thank you Brene!

Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability