Advancing in Harmony with Time

Now is the time! Lately I’ve been living by this phrase; calling myself forth with it. Whenever I feel a call to inspired action, I think to myself. Now is the time! Timing is so important to success and here’s the thing, time does not wait for us to be free of fear, doubt or to have everything all pieced together in a comfortable planned way.  Time doesn’t care if we feel we have enough resources or money.  It doesn’t wait while we ascertain if we have done enough research.  Time demands faith and trust.

Here is my challenge:  When your heart invites you to step forward, do not falter or hold yourself back–go!  You see if we hold ourselves back, one day we’ll regret it, as time does not wait. We might wait for the time to come again, but time is merciless.  It doesn’t stop.  It moves on.  When the invitation arrives, yes, is the correct answer.

To those of you who are considering joining this year’s Secret Society, I repeat….Now is the time!  The application period closes November 30.  Click here for your invitation.

This week’s  post, inspired by a teaching of Gurumayi Chidvilasanda from her book Resonate with Stillness, October 28.


Flickr photo courtesy of John Morgan under the Creative Commons License

Advancing through Turning Points

30 Amazing Women-Seattle

A few gems of wisdom from my SOLD OUT 30 Amazing Women-Seattle Event this past Monday.

Guiding principles for Turning Points:

1.   Each life has a destiny & purpose that is unfolding and there are often deeper clues to that purpose at turning points.

2.  We can sense the turning point coming and at these moments we are called to let go vs. hang on.

3.  It’s not easy to let go. There are pitfalls and there is fire.  There are places where fear or unexpected events can cause us to waiver or wobble.  This is part of the process and easy to misinterpret.  If we choose to hold on when we are called to let go, we just keep “circling Dallas”.  Forward progress is indeed slow.

4.  There is a flow that is wanting to happen if we listen.  The flow helps us wisely discern what to hold on to and what to let go of and WHEN.

Advancing through Fall



First Snow In the Woods


It is Fall, the changing of the leaves;  time to set down our hoe, celebrate the harvest and let go of what is no longer needed as we turn towards winter.

Last week  I came across a children’s book called “First Snow in the Woods.” It’s about a fawn in fall, approaching her first winter.  She can sense that a change is coming and she’s not sure she’s prepared.  All the other animals give her advice.  The squirrel says, “Gather your Acorns!!! “ The groundhog says, “HIBERNATE!!!”  It goes on and on, the advice not at all appealing or appropriate to our fawn.  Meanwhile she is looking worried .  She is losing all of her spots and growing a heavy coat that is, well, quite hot.

In the end, with the help of a few key words of wisdom from a wise teacher, our heroine fawn realizes she has all she needs to enter her next season AND she notices that she has naturally prepared for this change in her own instinctual way.  The way of the fawn, which is different from every other species.

This fall, may you feel a deeper trust and knowing of your way, your path and your destination.  We are all being called to step forward with clear conviction into our purpose and legacy. This stepping forward involves turning points.   While you may or may not be aware of what needs to change.  We are all in the process of turning toward what’s next.

There is a thread you follow.  It goes among things that change, but it doesn’t change. Willliam Stafford

Retreating inside daily

Since I recently taught a daylong meditation retreat, I’ve been considering the value of  my daily meditation practice.  This morning I meditated on the ferry to Seattle.  I stepped off the boat, contemplating what it means to bring the state of meditation into my waking state, my work state?   I made my usual stop at Starbucks and Sarah McLachlan’s Angels was playing.  As they were making my Grande Soy Latte, I tuned in to Sarah’s angelic voice and lyrics. Although I have heard this song about 100 times, I noticed that I was listening  today from a place deep in my heart. I was in a state beyond planning the elements and order of my “to do” list; a transcendent perspective overflowing with compassion, wisdom and creativity.  Today I remember who I really am at my core and that most certainly does impact how courageously I show up as a leader in my world.  How truly amazing is that?

Here is my favorite recorded guided meditation CD:

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