Advancing through Fall



First Snow In the Woods


It is Fall, the changing of the leaves;  time to set down our hoe, celebrate the harvest and let go of what is no longer needed as we turn towards winter.

Last week  I came across a children’s book called “First Snow in the Woods.” It’s about a fawn in fall, approaching her first winter.  She can sense that a change is coming and she’s not sure she’s prepared.  All the other animals give her advice.  The squirrel says, “Gather your Acorns!!! “ The groundhog says, “HIBERNATE!!!”  It goes on and on, the advice not at all appealing or appropriate to our fawn.  Meanwhile she is looking worried .  She is losing all of her spots and growing a heavy coat that is, well, quite hot.

In the end, with the help of a few key words of wisdom from a wise teacher, our heroine fawn realizes she has all she needs to enter her next season AND she notices that she has naturally prepared for this change in her own instinctual way.  The way of the fawn, which is different from every other species.

This fall, may you feel a deeper trust and knowing of your way, your path and your destination.  We are all being called to step forward with clear conviction into our purpose and legacy. This stepping forward involves turning points.   While you may or may not be aware of what needs to change.  We are all in the process of turning toward what’s next.

There is a thread you follow.  It goes among things that change, but it doesn’t change. Willliam Stafford

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  1. I love this! the photo is beautiful. I’m finding my way with the few trees that turn color here (and missing the ones on the Island, in a good way!)

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