How to triumph like a Goddess

Remember who you are really, really.

Ride a tiger and know that a swan is always an option.

Shoot laser light beams out your eyes, blazing a trail through resistance and all evil. Fiery eyes always.

Make good use of your many arms and your elaborate weaponry, even though some of these tools, you have no idea how to use nor would you ever dream of wielding them in their fullest potential.  Holding them in your hands with fierce compassion in your heart is quite enough to banish the enemy and claim “justice for all.”

Allow your hair to be entwined with flowers and a little red kukum powder that actually looks like blood.  Brilliant red, definitely creating a “Don’t mess with me” vibe.

Continue to slowly circle your prey when you have the advantage, especially if that prey was once evil and is now cowering.

Would the Goddess within you truly want this?   Yes, once you turn on the power and wrath of the Goddess. well , she can’t just flip a switch and return to quiet passivity.


How to triumph like a Goddess? Make sure you spend many hours floating in, remembering that you swim in a sea of love.

That is all.

That is enough.

Embody her presence, sometimes unbalanced, and wavering, some may say unhinged, she doesn’t care about that.  She remembers,

I am That.

Bainbridge Island  April 26, 2023   Salt Water Writing




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