Advancing Daily with 3 Bold Inspired Steps

Drawing my Dreams into Reality

Last November I had the great good fortune of attending TEDxRainier here in Seattle.  I’ve just launched a very cool 30 day project inspired by Patti Dobrowolski’s talk.  First, I created the drawing you see above that depicts my current reality and my desired new reality.  Next, I committed to 30 days of 3 bold steps per day creatively inspired by both the left and right side of my brain. (The drawings are what make this possible.)  I’m in my second week and all I can say is WOW!!!  Below is a video of the talk that started it all AND links to FREE blank printable template maps. Check it out only if you are really, no kidding, in the mood to dream up a Desired New Reality!  Thank You Patti!


If this talk has you yearning for change, I’m here.   I have room for 2 new private coaching clients in April.  Are you ready?  If yes, contact me to schedule a Complimentary Coaching Consultation.

Retreating to Hear your Song

Your Song Shines Through

Meditation on the Stories Our Lives are Telling  (3 minute audio)

What if it really doesn’t matter what you do?

What if all that really matters is how you do whatever you do?

What would you do?

How would you do it?

How do you make love to the world?

What is the story your life is telling?

From Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s The Dance   pp 152-153