Advancing beyond your Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone
From Coach Mai Vu's Reinvention circle

Spring is here!  I am oh so ready to move out of the cold grey rain into fresh green blossoming energy!  What I’m noticing is that the grey has become my comfort zone.  Yipes!   This is how we humans are wired.  We get comfortably content, fearful of challenging what is, even if “what is” is not bringing fulfillment.   So, today I offer a step by step prescription to move out of being comfortably stuck.

Step 1:  Know the boundaries of your comfort zone.  Understand your comfortable abode and the energetic costs of staying there.

Step 2:  Enlist the support of some carefully selected folk to call you out of your comfortable place. (I’ll call this your Entourage.)

Step 3:  Look deep within, listen and envision what’s next.  Tell your Entourage what you are up to.

Step 4:  Get moving: Act, Experiment, Do.

Step 5:  Celebrate the miracles.  Articulate what you are learning.

Step 6:  Repeat the above.

Here’s a visualization I created to support you in Step 3.  Click Here to download New Abode Visualization

Have fun and let me know how it goes!

One last question:  What supports you in moving out of your comfort zone?