I know more or less how to live through my life now

I know more or less how to live through my life now.

I imagine it as a roller coaster which I ride blindfolded never knowing when the bottom of my car will drop 30 feet and then gradually climb, tick, tick, tick toward another stomach tightening fall.

I never wonder if this is unusual or special, or anything I can control or plan for.  I simply ride it out with dismay and then optimism.

I know more or less how to keep myself belted tightly in my seat, white knuckles grabbing the bar that sits across my waist, the  bar which I intellectually know will keep me safe.  And yet, I never seem to raise my arms in joy as I begin to plummet as one could attempt on such a  roller coaster.

I want to know how to live what is left in good company.  Those who delight in the adventure, knowing that the ride was NEVER designed to  be a smooth linear uphill trajectory.

I mostly want to know how to live what is left feeling a sense of belonging.  All the deep work understanding how to slow down, create connection, empathy and understanding that I conjure for others.  I want to know how to live what is left of my life offering all this to myself.

Perhaps on a sliver tray, adorned with a candle and single rose, worshiping the worthiness, the belonging, of the goddess I have discovered  I am.



Retreating into Discipline

Bursting with Vibrancy

This is the summer of discipline for yours truly.  I know it doesn’t sound all that exciting, at first blush.  I am focusing on amplifying my energy and radiance, encouraging more vibrancy to flow through.   This means disciplining my mind, senses and focus.  I’m letting go of my attachment to the pleasurable and engaging only in what will be most beneficial.

As far as my schedule and pace, I’m doing what peak performers do, pulsing my energy in 1.5 hour increments with periods of renewal in between vs working non stop until I drop.  Operating at a more optimal energy level has me make stronger choices and increases my ability to take a stand for what is needed in each moment.  Now that’s leadership!

Discipline strengthens our ability to naturally feel bliss, in fact, it is said that it creates a fountain of nectar.  Isn’t that beautiful?   Discipline creates bliss that is not dependent upon activity, attachment or passion.  Happiness that can only happen when I get what I want has an inevitable sorrow attached to it.  Bliss that blossoms out of discipline on the other hand is clothed in deep contentment.

What sort of discipline do you choose to call forth in yourself this summer?  How will the energy you are creating within support your ability to enliven your vision and goals?   Just asking.

If the idea of discipline has you inspired, yet deep down you know that left to your own devices NOTHING will change, I have good news!  Registration is still open (and yes you can sign up right now,) for one of my annual mid year “Renew, Re-focus and Re-engage” sessions.  Together we will get you tracking toward manifesting your deepest wisdom.


Advancing with Effervescence

Effervescence is our true nature. It’s in every cell of our being. Whenever we find ourselves heavy or stuck, it’s so vital to return to the effervescent, vivacious, enthusiastic energy that is at our core.

What does it mean to lead with authentic effervescence? First of all, it can’t be faked. We all feel suspicious of the faux version; that icky over-exuberant forced peppy variety. “Fake it until you make it” does not apply. What I’m talking about, is going deep within your being and accessing the energy that is bubbling there and then leading with easy vitality and freshness…ALIVENESS!!!!

This week, ask yourself, What evokes my full hearted sparkle?
Here’s my list.

• Being true to myself, engaging in what makes me come alive.
• Daily spiritual practice: meditation, yoga, walks in nature.
• Taking care of my well-being in every way.
• Honoring my unique values.
• Focus
• Courage
• Living my purpose.
• A really good night sleep.
• A grande soy latte as I walk along the Seattle waterfront to my office.
• Sunshine on the water.
• Kevin
• India
• Generosity

What’s on your list?

Photo courtesy of Byrne and Flickr

Advancing with Time

My Mom, Dorothy turns 95

If you were to ask my Mother how I am, she would say, “Jeaneen does not have enough time.”  This description has me wonder where I might go to get more time so I can avoid radiating this “not-enoughness”?  The truth is, this perception of me is simply a reflection of how my Mom is with time at this point in her life.  She feels that she does not have enough time left on this planet so therefore; she projects her truth on to me.

How am I with time?  My default is to be busy, mind you, and I also notice that I live in the illusion that I have all the time in the world.  How do I intentionally choose to approach time?  I choose to feel urgency around accomplishing what is mine to do combined with spaciousness and ease around how I approach each moment.

Time is neutral. The way time is for you is simply a reflection of the way you approach time.  In other words, How you are with time is how it will be for you.  If you, like many of my clients, are constantly in a place of too much to do, too little time, that is exactly how time will be for you.  If you are spacious with time, ease will permeate your life and time will expand.  My challenge to you this week is to try something radical and new with how you approach time.  See what you discover and as always, let me know.  I’m, here.  I’ve got all the time in the world AND I have a great sense of urgency.

P.S.  I’m unattached to what you decide, I just want you to know it’s your choice.

Advancing by Going Against Yourself

Going against the current with the tide

I saw my favorite poet David Whyte  last week.  One of the Irish sayings he shared with us was GO AGAINST YOURSELF.  I love it.  Yes, of course, it’s important to discern our true voice and act in resonance with our heart’s knowing. This is penetrating, wise work… AND sometimes the easier path is to just GO AGAINST YOURSELF!  Here is a list of all the ways I was thinking we might practice this:

  • When you decide to give and are feeling like you want to hoard what you have, especially if you have plenty.  GO AGAINST YOURSELF!  Be generous.
  • When you don’t feel you have time to attend yoga class or want to fit in one more thing before you do go. GO AGAINST YOURSELF!
  • When you feel you need to prove yourself and therefore vulnerability is out of the question, GO AGAINST YOURSELF and remember you are significant and wondrous just as you are.
  • When you feel like you have to do one more task, even though you are simply exhausted.  GO AGAINST YOURSELF.  Let someone else do it.
  • When you really want to blame another.  GO AGAINST YOURSELF!
  • When you believe that you are alone.  GO AGAINST YOURSELF!  Ease yourself back into the conversation.
  • When an opportunity to lead knocks and you are not sure you are ready to say yes because you don’t know how to do it perfectly.  GO AGAINST YOURSELF!
  • When you have an urge to grab the microphone and speak and you haven’t formulated completely what you want to say.  GO AGAINST YOURSELF! Raise your hand, grab that mike and begin to speak.

In what other ways would it be wise to GO AGAINST YOURSELF?

Photo by Teri Akin

Advancing with Boldness and Courage

Time to Prune?

How alluring is the temptation in our lives and business, to shift things in a slow, deliberate, careful way?

Here’s what inspired me to ask  this question:   There is a EPA Superfund site on the Island where I live, that has been cleaning up creosote that was left behind by a wood treatment facility since 1988. They still have 1,000,000 gallons of contaminants remaining in the earth and right now their cleanup strategy pumps out 60 gallons a month. I did a quick calculation and it’s going to take 1,388 YEARS to complete this project!

The complexity of this project and the seriousness of the risk probably merit the current approach and these stats got me pondering.  Are we going at our internal and business clean up in a way that doesn’t rock the status quo or make too much of a mess and well, could take FOREVER?

Truth is, sometimes a BOLD shift in approach and some heavy duty pruning back is ESSENTIAL to achieve goals in a timely manner. The “careful way” might just make it IMPOSSIBLE to get where we want to go. Yes I know, bold shifts can be excruciatingly uncomfortable. While it might be against our nature (down right terrifying) to boldly rock the boat, sweeping changes are often essential if we are committed to leading in a way that gives us a chance at achieving our highest destiny. To use a fruit tree metaphor, life energy cannot flow through dead branches.

My challenge today is to get curious. Where are you stuck in a pattern that needs to shift? What fears are holding you back? Get very clear and evaluate honestly what is true. Now is the time to boldly prune back what is no longer serving, for the sake of the FRESH growth ahead.

This is the last call for my private beginning of the year sessions. “An Opening to 2011” Reflection & Intention Sessions. This annual program is proven and powerful.  You will create vivid insight and a fresh beginning, with me right next to you to champion your pruning process.

Registration closes Jan 31 so now is the time.

Advancing by Just Showing Up

Sunflowers Showing Up

Last night I was walking to an event after an afternoon of creating strategy and evaluating various choices and actions steps.  A voice inside whispered, “OK, time to stop planning, How about you simply show up?” Immediately I relaxed completely into an easy smile and effortless confidence.  No matter how wise the plan, success ultimately depends on how we show up to what is actually happening.

Let’s practice the exquisite discipline of just “showing up.” Show up fully.  Show up knowing that the task before you is yours to offer, now.  Show up completely present to whoever you are with, completely present to yourself.  Show up knowing you are in the right place, at the right time with the right people.  Simply be present here, now, trusting yourself.

Here’s a 2 minute audio of me reading a stunning poem on this topic, written by Minx Boren  (I know, I want to be named Minx, too.)   Listen, Enjoy and be inspired.

Retreating into Protection & Advancing with Passion

JRS, Jacque & Mary in Mary’s hot car

Lately I’ve been supporting clients in becoming conscious of the uniquely different energies of:

  • Protection: Avoiding the Worst Fear
  • Passion: Reaching toward the High Hope

Both energies are essential.  To balance both, it’s good to get conscious of which one we are operating from so that we are not subconsciously, driven by one or the other.  For example, the image above is clearly a high hope photo.  Here I am with my friends in Mary’s beautiful red mustang convertible.  Everything about this car exudes, passionate energy.  The color, sound, sexiness and sheer FUN of it.  I love this car AND, here’s the thing,  I am on the waiting list to buy an electric car, the Nissan LEAF.   I am buying my Nissan LEAF from the energy of avoiding my Worst Fear, doing what I can to protect our beautiful earth from continuing to be compromised. 

AND, I also must have the High Hope, sexy mustang energy too!    I want to have that oozing forth all over the place in my life.  I watched the Nissan LEAF Lance Armstrong video. That helped.   Perhaps it’s not my car that serves my passionate high hope?  Maybe it can be created in other parts of my life?  Perhaps it’s my flourishing business or the passionate way I show up in each moment?   I still want a red mustang convertible just like Mary’s.  Sigh…

What energy are you operating from?  True success includes BOTH Protection & Passion.  How can you have both?