Advancing with Time

My Mom, Dorothy turns 95

If you were to ask my Mother how I am, she would say, “Jeaneen does not have enough time.”  This description has me wonder where I might go to get more time so I can avoid radiating this “not-enoughness”?  The truth is, this perception of me is simply a reflection of how my Mom is with time at this point in her life.  She feels that she does not have enough time left on this planet so therefore; she projects her truth on to me.

How am I with time?  My default is to be busy, mind you, and I also notice that I live in the illusion that I have all the time in the world.  How do I intentionally choose to approach time?  I choose to feel urgency around accomplishing what is mine to do combined with spaciousness and ease around how I approach each moment.

Time is neutral. The way time is for you is simply a reflection of the way you approach time.  In other words, How you are with time is how it will be for you.  If you, like many of my clients, are constantly in a place of too much to do, too little time, that is exactly how time will be for you.  If you are spacious with time, ease will permeate your life and time will expand.  My challenge to you this week is to try something radical and new with how you approach time.  See what you discover and as always, let me know.  I’m, here.  I’ve got all the time in the world AND I have a great sense of urgency.

P.S.  I’m unattached to what you decide, I just want you to know it’s your choice.

2 thoughts on “Advancing with Time”

  1. I knew you as one of my best friends in high school and early college.
    TIME….oh that still lingers as yesterday in my mind…even though it was decades ago….What a joy to see your Mom and learn of what an incredible person you still are today!!

  2. I seem to be always chasing time! I like the feeling of spaciousness of time. I’ll try holding that as well as the intention to be aware of how I’m passing the time in each moment, and having a realistic sense of how long something actually takes (like the last minute tasks to get out the door).

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