Willingness trumps Willfulness


It turns out that wondering “Will I do this?” is a more effective approach to achieving a goal then exerting the determined linear will of the ego as in “I will do this!!!” (The later usually accompanied by a tight jaw, clenched fist and a great deal of effort to avoid feeling guilty or ashamed if I do not do it. Get the picture?)

If we have questioning, curious minds we are more intrinsically motivated to change, shift and let go of what is no longer serving. So my friends, the quality and regularity of our internal questions reigns supreme over our willfulness when it comes to this whole business of achieving. Fascinating huh????

Dare I say, this so explains my ongoing awe of the effectiveness of private coaching! The sheer value of a relationship that is designed to ask (and keep asking) powerful questions that shift our inner self talk away from the pure will where, we so easily get mired, alone in our own heads.

For more, see this recent article in the Scientific American.

Inspirational Credits: Article brought to my attention by my wickedly brilliant, hilarious colleague, Jeff Jacobson.

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Advancing as a Frog or Turtle?

Frog or Turtle?

I received this image on a newsletter from the smart savvy team at the Clarion Group.  It’s quite provocative and inspiring on so many levels.   Of course, I want to be the frog!!!  I often get to be the frog leaping over the community of turtles.  The truth is,  I am a turtle too.  In fact, I would venture to declare that it is my turtle time when I am deep inside, protected and connected to the muddy earth that has the frog in me be able to fly so freely.  Unfortunately, life sometimes has a way of forcing me into my shell.   Not always comfortable.  Always beneficial.  

Many of us have aspired only to be frogs and been rewarded quite handsomely for our frog like natures.   Trouble is without the turtle influence it’s easy to end up burned out or overwhelmed.  How about we extol both the frog, the turtle and the transition between?      

Sparking Boldness

My new bracelet with designer Kathy Sparkman

I met Kathy Sparkman the day she was done doing things the way she had always done them.  That day she became a private coaching client and stepped boldly and courageously forward.   Kathy now creates jewelry that inspires fresh energy and confident presence.  I’m stepping into a bolder vision  and Kathy designed a new bracelet to remind me of who I need to be to get where I’m going.  It looks nothing like what I’ve worn in the past.  I do believe that is the essence of boldness!  My question for you is   How will you boldly step forward and claim your vision?   For a limited time,  I’m offering Summer private mini retreats .  Is today your day to remove your golden hand cuffs (that chain you to the way things are) and put on a new bold and beautiful bracelet?