Advancing by Just Showing Up

Sunflowers Showing Up

Last night I was walking to an event after an afternoon of creating strategy and evaluating various choices and actions steps.  A voice inside whispered, “OK, time to stop planning, How about you simply show up?” Immediately I relaxed completely into an easy smile and effortless confidence.  No matter how wise the plan, success ultimately depends on how we show up to what is actually happening.

Let’s practice the exquisite discipline of just “showing up.” Show up fully.  Show up knowing that the task before you is yours to offer, now.  Show up completely present to whoever you are with, completely present to yourself.  Show up knowing you are in the right place, at the right time with the right people.  Simply be present here, now, trusting yourself.

Here’s a 2 minute audio of me reading a stunning poem on this topic, written by Minx Boren  (I know, I want to be named Minx, too.)   Listen, Enjoy and be inspired.

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