Advancing with Discipline and Freedom

Swan Meditating at Bloedel Reserve

My most successful clients have great discipline.  While I have a strong ability to focus, when it comes to discipline,  I tend to get all harsh and controlling with myself.  My old pattern is to approach the discipline of maintaining a schedule, planning and maintaining the systems that support me with a heavy intensity.

Although I get things accomplished this way, it’s often a recipe for dragging me into the dust.  Can discipline have a feeling of flowing freedom and spontaneous joy?

When I get right down to the root of how this can be possible, it has to start with disciplining my mind.  Having my mind serve me, here in the present, as opposed to compulsively painting one picture after another of my past present and future, my character, the world I live in, my relationships.  You know, the endless list.

Here’s what I think is the linchpin of Advancing with Discipline & Freedom.  Focus first on disciplining the mind through Retreating into a daily meditation practice.  I’m pretty sure the ULTIMATE freedom is stilling the mind so it can rest in the Heart, the source of deep wisdom, spontaneity, love and creativity. (OK… ALL the good stuff.)

Once the mind rests into a Heart centered focus and presence, all the scheduling, planning and systems will flow powerfully with great ease.  That my friend is a path to success that I can sign up for!

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