Retreating inside daily

Since I recently taught a daylong meditation retreat, I’ve been considering the value of  my daily meditation practice.  This morning I meditated on the ferry to Seattle.  I stepped off the boat, contemplating what it means to bring the state of meditation into my waking state, my work state?   I made my usual stop at Starbucks and Sarah McLachlan’s Angels was playing.  As they were making my Grande Soy Latte, I tuned in to Sarah’s angelic voice and lyrics. Although I have heard this song about 100 times, I noticed that I was listening  today from a place deep in my heart. I was in a state beyond planning the elements and order of my “to do” list; a transcendent perspective overflowing with compassion, wisdom and creativity.  Today I remember who I really am at my core and that most certainly does impact how courageously I show up as a leader in my world.  How truly amazing is that?

Here is my favorite recorded guided meditation CD:

Flickr photo courtesy of Grand Velas Resort

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