Retreating into Protection & Advancing with Passion

JRS, Jacque & Mary in Mary’s hot car

Lately I’ve been supporting clients in becoming conscious of the uniquely different energies of:

  • Protection: Avoiding the Worst Fear
  • Passion: Reaching toward the High Hope

Both energies are essential.  To balance both, it’s good to get conscious of which one we are operating from so that we are not subconsciously, driven by one or the other.  For example, the image above is clearly a high hope photo.  Here I am with my friends in Mary’s beautiful red mustang convertible.  Everything about this car exudes, passionate energy.  The color, sound, sexiness and sheer FUN of it.  I love this car AND, here’s the thing,  I am on the waiting list to buy an electric car, the Nissan LEAF.   I am buying my Nissan LEAF from the energy of avoiding my Worst Fear, doing what I can to protect our beautiful earth from continuing to be compromised. 

AND, I also must have the High Hope, sexy mustang energy too!    I want to have that oozing forth all over the place in my life.  I watched the Nissan LEAF Lance Armstrong video. That helped.   Perhaps it’s not my car that serves my passionate high hope?  Maybe it can be created in other parts of my life?  Perhaps it’s my flourishing business or the passionate way I show up in each moment?   I still want a red mustang convertible just like Mary’s.  Sigh…

What energy are you operating from?  True success includes BOTH Protection & Passion.  How can you have both?

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  1. You’ve come to the heart of the problem, keeping life juicy while protecting Mother Earth. I am facing the Worst Fear head-on and keeping your wise words in mind.

  2. I too LOVE this sexy, fun, car…the experience, the values, the message…the way it makes me feel thinking about riding & driving it! And I love your inquiry…how can we satisfy that part of ourselves that is wanting to be expressed in others ways in our lives…getting curious! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and fun Jeaneen!


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