Advancing with Boldness and Courage

Time to Prune?

How alluring is the temptation in our lives and business, to shift things in a slow, deliberate, careful way?

Here’s what inspired me to ask  this question:   There is a EPA Superfund site on the Island where I live, that has been cleaning up creosote that was left behind by a wood treatment facility since 1988. They still have 1,000,000 gallons of contaminants remaining in the earth and right now their cleanup strategy pumps out 60 gallons a month. I did a quick calculation and it’s going to take 1,388 YEARS to complete this project!

The complexity of this project and the seriousness of the risk probably merit the current approach and these stats got me pondering.  Are we going at our internal and business clean up in a way that doesn’t rock the status quo or make too much of a mess and well, could take FOREVER?

Truth is, sometimes a BOLD shift in approach and some heavy duty pruning back is ESSENTIAL to achieve goals in a timely manner. The “careful way” might just make it IMPOSSIBLE to get where we want to go. Yes I know, bold shifts can be excruciatingly uncomfortable. While it might be against our nature (down right terrifying) to boldly rock the boat, sweeping changes are often essential if we are committed to leading in a way that gives us a chance at achieving our highest destiny. To use a fruit tree metaphor, life energy cannot flow through dead branches.

My challenge today is to get curious. Where are you stuck in a pattern that needs to shift? What fears are holding you back? Get very clear and evaluate honestly what is true. Now is the time to boldly prune back what is no longer serving, for the sake of the FRESH growth ahead.

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2 thoughts on “Advancing with Boldness and Courage”

  1. Jeaneen, love this analogy! What a great inquiry! I resonate with this question about how we hold safety instead of taking action. I have the term “naked action” on my 2011 vision board. It feels like the kind of action you are pointing to as well!

    Thanks for the reminder!

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