Retreating into Discipline

Bursting with Vibrancy

This is the summer of discipline for yours truly.  I know it doesn’t sound all that exciting, at first blush.  I am focusing on amplifying my energy and radiance, encouraging more vibrancy to flow through.   This means disciplining my mind, senses and focus.  I’m letting go of my attachment to the pleasurable and engaging only in what will be most beneficial.

As far as my schedule and pace, I’m doing what peak performers do, pulsing my energy in 1.5 hour increments with periods of renewal in between vs working non stop until I drop.  Operating at a more optimal energy level has me make stronger choices and increases my ability to take a stand for what is needed in each moment.  Now that’s leadership!

Discipline strengthens our ability to naturally feel bliss, in fact, it is said that it creates a fountain of nectar.  Isn’t that beautiful?   Discipline creates bliss that is not dependent upon activity, attachment or passion.  Happiness that can only happen when I get what I want has an inevitable sorrow attached to it.  Bliss that blossoms out of discipline on the other hand is clothed in deep contentment.

What sort of discipline do you choose to call forth in yourself this summer?  How will the energy you are creating within support your ability to enliven your vision and goals?   Just asking.

If the idea of discipline has you inspired, yet deep down you know that left to your own devices NOTHING will change, I have good news!  Registration is still open (and yes you can sign up right now,) for one of my annual mid year “Renew, Re-focus and Re-engage” sessions.  Together we will get you tracking toward manifesting your deepest wisdom.


4 thoughts on “Retreating into Discipline”

  1. Discipline sometimes gets a bad rap… in its common definition it usually refers to adhering to some rules even if they are self imposed. But in it’s true definition it is rich and inspiring beyond measure! Discipline in it’s purest sense means “disciple of the ONE”. Now that is worth whole hearted dedication. xo Prema

  2. Beautiful piece, Jeaneen! For me it brings up the concept of creating a canvas of just a certain size, so then you can fill it up with exactly the colors, shapes, thoughts that delight. When it’s complete enough, you get to move on to the next one. Discipline is what allows freedom to burst forth.

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