Renew, Refocus and Re-Engage: Why it Matters


Optimism by itself won’t get you there. To lead from your deepest awareness you must have vision, goals, agility, strategy and accountability. You must ALSO ascertain “what to quit and what to stick”, to quote Seth Godin. Do you remember the fresh intention and clear goals you set at the beginning of the year? How is your progress? What feedback are you receiving? Is it time to Renew your vision, Refocus your direction or Re-engage with your intentions in a new way?

I invite you to participate in a private 2 hour coaching session at the midpoint of 2018 to get clear on this question: What is needed NOW? This Special Program which is available for a limited time only, is called Renew, Refocus and Re-engage. Each session is uniquely customized to provide YOU with exactly what’s needed for you at this point in the year.

Renew, Refocus and Re-Engage

  • RENEW your vision.
  • REFOCUS your strategy and goals, clarifying your next steps.
  • RE-ENGAGE with your leadership by ascertaining, What do I choose to continue and what do I choose to let go of/shift at this point in time?


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2018 Locations:

You can choose to conduct your private session virtually (via telephone or Zoom webcam video conference), in person in my downtown Seattle office or on the Bainbridge Island. Select a location that will inspire you and then surround your Renew, Refocus and Re-engage session with individual contemplative activities.


Key Details:
Registration closes on June 30, 2021.
Sessions can be scheduled through July 31, 2021.

Please contact me with any questions you have about this special program.