Advancing in Harmony with Time

Now is the time! Lately I’ve been living by this phrase; calling myself forth with it. Whenever I feel a call to inspired action, I think to myself. Now is the time! Timing is so important to success and here’s the thing, time does not wait for us to be free of fear, doubt or to have everything all pieced together in a comfortable planned way.  Time doesn’t care if we feel we have enough resources or money.  It doesn’t wait while we ascertain if we have done enough research.  Time demands faith and trust.

Here is my challenge:  When your heart invites you to step forward, do not falter or hold yourself back–go!  You see if we hold ourselves back, one day we’ll regret it, as time does not wait. We might wait for the time to come again, but time is merciless.  It doesn’t stop.  It moves on.  When the invitation arrives, yes, is the correct answer.

To those of you who are considering joining this year’s Secret Society, I repeat….Now is the time!  The application period closes November 30.  Click here for your invitation.

This week’s  post, inspired by a teaching of Gurumayi Chidvilasanda from her book Resonate with Stillness, October 28.


Flickr photo courtesy of John Morgan under the Creative Commons License

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