Advancing into the New Year

Catching Fire in the Darkness

Happy New Year!   I’ve been considering the play of darkness and light, noticing how the deepest velvety darkness forms the perfect backdrop to showcase the ignition of the light.  I appreciate the light more against the darkness.   Since this is the year of the Dragon.  I’m thinking that there is lots of fire and transformation on it’s way for each of us.  The deeper the darkness the more important it is to have the foundational support you need to cultivate light.  As leaders, we must stand in witness to the darkness and hold a perspective that allows us to consciously lead ourselves and others through.  We catch fire, and then carry the torch that lights the path.  It’s not about fiercely chasing away the darkness with light, more a dance of initiation, honoring the light with appreciation as it ignites. May we savor the contrast and appreciate the true beauty and  intensity of both.

This year I’m committed to catching fire, welcoming both darkness and light.  I”m going to balance both with gentle, firm intention. What’s your year about?   If you want to be crystal clear regarding the vision, growth and transformation you are welcoming, there are a few spots left in my annual beginning of the year private coaching program.  See An Opening to register now.

Advancing through Turning Points

30 Amazing Women-Seattle

A few gems of wisdom from my SOLD OUT 30 Amazing Women-Seattle Event this past Monday.

Guiding principles for Turning Points:

1.   Each life has a destiny & purpose that is unfolding and there are often deeper clues to that purpose at turning points.

2.  We can sense the turning point coming and at these moments we are called to let go vs. hang on.

3.  It’s not easy to let go. There are pitfalls and there is fire.  There are places where fear or unexpected events can cause us to waiver or wobble.  This is part of the process and easy to misinterpret.  If we choose to hold on when we are called to let go, we just keep “circling Dallas”.  Forward progress is indeed slow.

4.  There is a flow that is wanting to happen if we listen.  The flow helps us wisely discern what to hold on to and what to let go of and WHEN.