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2016 has come to a close and we have welcomed this New Year 2017! I am once again DELIGHTED to invite you to participate in a two-hour private coaching session to celebrate your 2016 and envision your NEW YEAR 2017. This Special Program, which is available for a limited time each year, is called An Opening…reflecting back on the year that has just passed and creating a new vision, An Opening, for the New Year ahead. The unique value of this program is this: It’s you and me one on one. Together we create an ocean of clarity and inspiration that is simply NOT available alone in your own head or participating in a virtual group of some kind.

Jeaneen Schmidt

This is a time of honoring our Earths’ cycles and rhythms; the completion of one year and the beginning of the next. During this transition time we allow ourselves to begin to quiet…to empty…to slow and to be still. From this stillness and silence the new seeds of who we will be and what we will do begin to emerge.

This is the TWELVE year anniversary of this program! I have witnessed over and over again each year this process delivering deep clarity and wisdom, which of course, translates into a clear plan and accelerated success on all the things that truly matter.

An Opening

By beginning 2017 with reflection, clear vision and deeply contemplating choices, you set yourself up to attract potent possibility. We all crave a strong start to the New Year AND left to our own devices, it’s challenging to fit precious reflection time into our schedules. Each January it is my goal to make this vital process easy. Simply set your appointment, complete the attached pre-session worksheet and together we’ll discover the clarity and focus you deserve. Make 2017 a year that shimmers with synchronicity and shines with even higher levels of success, fulfillment and sustainability.

Format: 2 hour session


This year you can choose to conduct your private session over the telephone, at my Bainbridge Island waterfront office or in the snowy mountains of Washington State. Select a location that will inspire you with beauty and allow soothing renewal. You can then choose to surround your An Opening to 2017 session with individual contemplative activities such as spa time, yoga, skiing, nature walks or meditation. Let’s create whatever is the exact right fit for you.

Bainbridge Island Office
Sun Mountain Lodge

Peg Marckworth
Would I do this myself? In theory yes, in reality no!

Thanks so much for the “tune-up.” It really focused my thoughts on where I want to take my business this year. The session really helped me think about things differently and gave a path to pursue. You, as always, gently pushed me to look deeply and forward to what’s possible!

—Peg Marckworth
– Principal, Marckworth Associates

In-Visioning Collage
Thanks for this recap—it’s so helpful to look back at the work that was done this yearÂ……so interesting and definitely necessary! I know I did the right things last year. I must now look forward with hope and clear intention for the year ahead and beyond to fulfill my happiness.

Thank you for helping me SEE all of the possibilities that I am about to embark upon.

—Merchandising Director
Apparel & Fashion Industry

Key Details:
Registration is limited to the first 8 respondents.
Registration closes on January 31, 2017.
Sessions can be scheduled through February 28, 2017.

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Thank You! I look forward to co-creating a magnificent, New Year 2017! Please contact me with any questions you have about this special program.


Jeaneen R. Schmidt CPCC, PCC
Executive Coach & Facilitator