Advancing with Contentment

Contented sunflowers

Some friends, who I haven’t seen for a while, dropped by for an unexpected visit on Saturday.  It was a bit of a rescue mission, I think, as I had expressed frustration that things were not exactly as I had hoped they would be earlier in the week.  What a wake up call to realize I had been complaining amidst the bounty of miraculous things that are indeed precious to me and um…pretty much on track.

Today, I heard this great phrase from my coach Laura West.  She said, “When you feel frustrated you are resisting who you are becoming.”

This got me pondering. The key to connecting back to the goodness of who we are actually becoming is noticing and yes, celebrating who we are being.   To get there we must be very kind to ourselves and yes, hit the inner “reset button” when we veer off track into frustration.   Especially if we find ourselves complaining about something that is indeed, pretty amazing, but simply isn’t happening fast enough, BIG enough or unfolding in a way that matches our specific expectations.

This week, notice when you are resisting, feeling stuck or complaining and turn toward celebration of what IS working.  Turn toward self-acknowledgement for all the ways you are showing up for you, even though the conditions may not be ideal or fit the specific picture you had envisioned.  (A picture that may simply need to be shifted, by the way.)

Hit your inner “reset button” and savor deep contentment for what is.

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