Advancing with Gentleness

Ferns gently flourishing

I’ve been easing into greater tenderness and compassion within myself.  In order for this to unfold the texture of my striving has become much softer.

These days I am unwilling to muster the driving, relentless internal energy that was often my style in my corporate business career.  Although there was success in that approach, it definitely was not sustainable for my team, the organization or myself.

What I am focusing on now with my executive coaching clients and myself is disciplined, gentle, self-effort.  In order for gentleness to take hold, we must have faith that there is a benevolent energy greater than our minds that is unfolding our destiny.  We must cultivate faith in our ability to align with that energy.  This energy operates silently and powerfully in the projects that we lead if we simply notice it and flow with where it wants to go.  This energy speaks, with creative spark through our heart and not our heads.  In order to recognize its voice we must become soft and flexible.   Silence helps too.

Great faith provides the foundation for striving with gentleness. The greatest leaders have strength yes…and they have absolute confidence that all will indeed turn out in the end.  They have faith in themselves and faith and in the goodness of others.  This faith allows them easy access to the discernment that comes from aligning with the still, voice within.  This voice gets clearer when one’s heart is soft.

May you have faith and the wisdom to balance strength and gentleness in all your striving.

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  1. Hi dear One,
    Thank You…so good to know that you are reading these. Mom & Mel are doing well, in fact we packed up the walkers and went on a picnic at the beach on Sat. They both remind me to be gentle and appreciation life, period.

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