Transformed by Bliss

Jeaneen with Dominique Gabella after her performance at the Amazing Women Circle

Access to Bliss is multifaceted and sometimes elusive.  Bliss emerges at unexpected times.  I felt bliss this morning when I was deeply engaged, leading a group of colleagues I greatly admire, evoking new ideas and innovation.   I felt deep bliss when I awoke, curled up in my blankets, completely at ease.  I was completely present in that moment empty of emotional intensity.  As I move through this time of transition with my parents, I am noticing that Bliss arises on the other side of the dark places and it springs forth unexpectedly in the dark places too.

Bliss and creativity are linked in that they arise from the same place.  The reason that Dominique’s work is so precious to me is that when she dances, the sheer beauty and delight of her being, along with her physical movement of course, evokes in me a connection to the pool of bliss from which her creativity emerges.  Every time I rest in this pool of bliss even for a moment I am transformed.

When we are deeply resonant with our values, Bliss is ignited.  For example, I have a huge value around “personal best”; offering my very best to the world in a way that has great impact and reflects who I am… and being with others who are doing the same. This explains the Bliss I feel in my work, especially when I am evoking transformation within amazing leaders who are deeply committed to refining and empowering their impact.

I don’t know how or when bliss will show up for you.  What I do know is the more we can be present in this moment, the more we are conscious of who we are at or very core, the more readily our access will be.

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  1. Wow Jeaneen – your writing and your expression overall is so inspiring. What a gift you are – the reminders you provide us are so timely and so deeply resonant. Thank you for your commitment to being your powerful self in the world and to serving from your deepest and most beautiful core. I am honored to know you and I look forward to the bliss of seeing you again. With love, Kathy

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