Advancing with Fresh Energy
Sun setting behind the New Seattle Ferris Wheel

I am returning with fresh energy after a brief hiatus.  My step father, who was 101 years old, passed away on May 6.   We were close in every way.  I had the extraordinary experience of being with him during the last days of his life.  Here are the 10 things I have learned about life looking through the eyes of this time.

  1. Love is really all that matters in the end.
  2. We will be remembered for our virtues and our impact on others (not necessarily how much money or stuff we have left.)
  3. It’s all very mysterious and silent.   Where do we go in the end?
  4. I am courageous and capable of WAY more than I thought I was.  The Energy within can meet any challenge.  I trust that Energy completely and draw my confidence from there.  (You can too.)
  5. There are amazing people all around who show up fully (and without hesitation) in moments of intense need.  These people are not necessarily who you expect (or hope) they will be.  When you are called to step forward, step forward with a big YES.  There is not necessarily a back up.
  6. Loss and birth are intertwined.  “The Universe says that loss demands birth and two are lovers.”  Deena Metzger.  
  7. Seeing death at close range, gets us committed to LIVE  life fully and passionately.
  8. Focus on the goal and savor each moment.
  9. We really don’t have that much time to dink around doing what doesn’t resonate.
  10. Playing a ukulele can make you smile no matter what is going on.

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Advancing with a Leap

Kevin Leaping with Certainty

I wonder, what will have you leap?  Not just meander along, but really, no kidding,  jump with full certainty and ALL your power toward what you know is waiting for you.  In yoga class this morning, Jorge talked about the importance of honoring the past.  He taught that the lessons learned in the past are the strength behind us.   Awareness of this strength allows us to have the courage to leap into our future.

When it’s time to leap, it is so important to remember who we have become, where we have been and what we have come to know to be true along the way.  Yes, the past is the past.   That said,  it is profoundly important to celebrate the wins, process the disappointments and articulate the lessons we have gathered.  This storehouse of wisdom, gives us the strength and certainty needed to LEAP toward our vision.

I’m not going to go on about the importance of vision here.  Simply said, we must get clear (and stoked) about what we  want.  The clues to a fresh vision of what’s next, emerge naturally from reflection on what we have been up to while listening to the deep, quiet  yearnings within.

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