Advancing with a Leap

Kevin Leaping with Certainty

I wonder, what will have you leap?  Not just meander along, but really, no kidding,  jump with full certainty and ALL your power toward what you know is waiting for you.  In yoga class this morning, Jorge talked about the importance of honoring the past.  He taught that the lessons learned in the past are the strength behind us.   Awareness of this strength allows us to have the courage to leap into our future.

When it’s time to leap, it is so important to remember who we have become, where we have been and what we have come to know to be true along the way.  Yes, the past is the past.   That said,  it is profoundly important to celebrate the wins, process the disappointments and articulate the lessons we have gathered.  This storehouse of wisdom, gives us the strength and certainty needed to LEAP toward our vision.

I’m not going to go on about the importance of vision here.  Simply said, we must get clear (and stoked) about what we  want.  The clues to a fresh vision of what’s next, emerge naturally from reflection on what we have been up to while listening to the deep, quiet  yearnings within.

If you crave the exhilaration of  starting this new year with a courageous LEAP, registration for  An Opening to 2012 is open through January 31. (Sessions can be scheduled through February but you have to be registered by January 31.)  Are you going to leap or stay stuck?  You choose.

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