Sunset or Sunrise -Keep going farther!


I’m celebrating my first day in my new Seattle office!  Walking from the ferry this morning along the waterfront, I noticed the beautiful sunrise light, the light of a new beginning, dancing on the water.  Last night at sunset, Kevin and I finally arrived at a long overdue BIG decision to say NO.  Today at sunrise, I welcome a new chapter in my business with a long overdue YES!!!   The No had to happen to make room for the Yes.  We must let go of where we are stuck before we can grasp on to what is next.  This is the only way we “go farther”.  I notice the limiting “default” setting of my mind is to yo-yo back and forth trying to avoid both the no and the yes, trying in vain to keep things exactly as they matter how much suffering is present.   Actually, I believe the tendency toward indecision, to cling to our comfort zone  is stronger when we are suffering.  Now that I’m enjoying my Yes…I realize once again the power of paving the way for a Yes with a No.   Sunrise can’t happen without Sunset.  Where do you choose to say No to embrace your most cherished Yes?  I challenge you to do it right now!