Retreating into Deep Wisdom

Secret Society 2011 Coaching Circle Accessing Deep Wisdom during their July retreat.

Everywhere I look, there is major construction.  Not just resurfacing or refinement, but major blasting apart and hauling away of the pieces.  I’m witnessing the kind of construction that feels like it takes a good deal of time because what is being created is such a significant improvement.  It has me realize that to evolve into what’s next we have to be willing to have things be really messy for a bit.  We need to know what the vision is. We don’t have to do everything  perfectly of course, but we do need a plan that can be adjusted as needed.

The kind of re-construction that I am championing takes maintaining access to deep wisdom on a sustained and on-going basis.  It takes support, it takes refinement and, oh yes, it takes some mighty courage.

In our leadership and life, periods of re-construction are essential to our growth and professional development.   How to do this when we have to keep all our balls in the air?   Well, the only path I know is through curious inquiry, wise reflection with another and deep listening to the clues that are all around.  Rule number one is…you can’t get there running around in your own head entertaining the voices who’s sole purpose are to keep you stuck.

All right.   There are just a few days left to register for Private Renew, Refocus and Re-engage Sessions.  Guided re-construction plans like this one, only happen mid-summer.  What say you?