Advancing with Rock Solid Wisdom

Bainbridge Island Rocks!

What is something in you that you have that no one can take away? It might be a strength, a virtue or a quality that is the essence of who you are when you are at your best.  What’s that brilliant piece of you that you can always count on no matter what?  For me, it’s courage, focus and quirky joy, all at the same time. What’s yours? 

When we find ourselves exuding these qualities, it’s like we are standing on our ROCK.  Our ROCK is the place where we can rest assured we are making choices based on true wisdom vs. the saboteur advice of our limiting beliefs.

The key to success is standing on our ROCK guided by the voice of our Heart, (our wisest Self) vs. the chatter of the mind and it’s “loyal soldier” thought patterns that are so adept at trying to protect us from some old threat that no longer exists.

Are you experiencing the power of your greatness, standing on your unique ROCK?  This week, simply notice when you are and when you not.  When you find yourself swept off, keep steering yourself back to your ROCK, again and again.

P.S.  Want to discern your ROCK, hear it’s wisdom and lead from there?  Join us for the upcoming Retreat To Advance Day-Deep Wisdom Retreat on Sept 25 Early Bird registration closes Sept 2.

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