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Emotional Maturity Consciously choosing your mood, your impact, your viewpoint and digesting what needs to be let go of.

Authentic Conversations Listen, express, innovate, collaborate, repeat.

Intuition & Flow Recognizing and following your deepest inner wisdom. Always knowing the most beneficial course of action. Leading moment to moment from a current of rightness.

Presence Opening and surrendering to an ocean of wisdom and compassion vaster than you imagined = Joy, creativity and stunning impact.

Knowing and Living your Values Integrity, powered by clarity.

Managing Energy vs Time Vitality, recovery and optimal performance.

Discover and play to your Strengths vs struggling mightily to fix your weaknesses.

Habits: Building positive rituals that are yes, automatic.

Passion & Purpose Clear direction fueled by the vitality of boundless love, unbridled enthusiasm, insatiable longing and never ending yearning.

Crafting a Great Story as opposed to living unconscious victim or overcoming versions that well, just aren’t as effective or fun.

Visioning and Goal Setting Know where you are going and what your priorities are really, really.

My teachers

Fred Kofman
Peter Bregman
Chris Wallis
Karen and Henry Kimsey House

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