Retreat to Summer Solstice Celebration

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I am watching the Orcas Island Solstice Celebration dancers wrapping up their sweaty post parade performance, clinging to the last precious moments of the amazing beat the drummers are laying down…and have been laying down for the past hour or so.  What has me in tears?  Not just moved tears…SOBBING tears? Is it my deep love for the earth and being present to her honoring, knowing full well in my deepest core what she is up against at the moment?  Yes, AND…THIS dancing is a celebration of being HUMAN on our earth.  A celebration of our spirit…our elemental physicality.  It’s not all tidy and wrapped up.  No one here is wearing their Valentino pumps or has cell phone coverage (although I’m a great lover of these items).  This moment encapsulates our pure human sensuality.  It’s beautifully awe inspiring how we humans can embody celebration on this the longest day of the year.  We get to dance with wild abandon. We get to swim naked on warm moonlit nights.  We get to warm ourselves by fires, walk by pristine rivers and climb mountains by rushing waterfalls.   This in turn, strengthens and opens us to do the work that is before us.  As I look at the giant hand crafted “planet earth” that sits next to the stage, just beyond the stands brimming with farm fresh alive foods, amidst the wandering children dressed as fairies, I remember that indeed there is much before us.   There is much that has been shattered that must be recreated somehow.  Perhaps we celebrate, as we always have, to gain strength for the journey ahead?

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  1. Hi Sweetie,

    I love your offerings on Celebration! It is a crucial way to restore and enliven our energy for what IS and what lays before us. For us to reach deep within for what we may have held back and offer it up in living color.

    with Love and deep Gratitude for our great mother earth!


  2. Hi Jeaneen,
    I write in appreciation for your offering. How beautiful to hear about your experience.

    As I read your words I am reminded of the power we hold as Sacred Humans…that our own healing also serves to heal the 7 generations that come before us as well as the 7 generations that follow. This could account for the SOBBING tears my friend.

    With love and gratitude,

  3. And…
    Now we understand
    why the day was indeed the longest.
    What caused that extended period of light..
    It was that smile!
    Light up a room? YES!
    Light up the WORLD? ABSOLUTELY!


    I LOVE you SO!


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