I was just going for my “Eat Pray and Love” Experience

I’m retreating at the beach on Whidbey Island with Peg Marckworth, the wonder-personal branding consultant www.marckworth.com and Tucker the wonder-dog.  We’re watching the water sparkle in the sun and the first bright green leaves on the rose bushes emerge.  It’s been 3 months since my retreat in India.  Since I have returned change has been constant.  India called forth growth in my life and business, just like the sun is calling forth the wildly alive spring green that is emerging here everywhere.

It’s been magical to witness my outer reality, trying to catch up to the wise inner Knowing that my time in India unvieled.  Sometimes it’s been elegant and profound…sometimes it’s been clumsy and physically intense.  Big surprise!  I expected joyful bliss.  It’s been all that AND it’s been heart wrenching, chaotic and messy.  Gentle compassion flows through me with silent, peaceful ripples. Often followed by the diesel engine style love that rumbles through with powerful might, expelling every trace of limitation or illusion of control. My heart is 10 times bigger.  I’ve noticed that the sorrow of my lifetime has mysteriously gone missing, healed without a trace.  No band-aids, no scars remain.  

My “Pilgrimage to the Heart” via India was the beginning of Retreat to Advance 2008.  It has not been a linear process where I retreated, meditated, had inspiration….then came back, reflected, quietly made a plan and began moving forward.  It was more like a tornado of pure Love energy blasted through after which I picked myself up and asked.  “What the heck?”  Nothing looks or feels the way it once did.  Everything is changing from the inside out.  I’m wildly, passionately happy and quite proud that I’ve made it this far.  I still miss everything about India.  My imagination sees, feels, tastes and smells it in sensual detail every day.    I’m told that this “missing” is the energy of divine Love.  Crazy. 

Bottom line.  Retreat, surrender to Love, gather your circle of support, be kind to yourself, fasten your seat-belt and get ready to Advance.

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  1. Oooh, brings back my own memories of that road! Nicely written, my dear. Love the stamp image and your exquisite way with words. May your quest to foster our dreams of advancing by practicing the ancient discipline of retreat bring great joy to the world.

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