Retreating to Beautiful Natural Places

Cannon Beach Sunset

I recently led an individual retreat in Cannon Beach, Oregon for one of my private coaching clients.  When I arrived at the beach and gazed out at the setting sun over the Pacific Ocean, I felt like I had arrived HOME.  I savored the fresh energy of inspiration… it didn’t stop!  All through the retreat, creativity flowed with ease.  I was so clear about priorities and the flow of each moment.  So easily present. Together, we saw beyond the small cage of the seemingly endless day to day priorities out beyond the horizon of possibility.  We felt pure potential and easy greatness.

My client chose this place for her retreat and it suited her (and I) perfectly.  She retreats here every year to revitalize her leadership, regain her perspective and create plans that enhance her power.

I’m not saying that Cannon Beach, Oregon will have this impact on everyone.  In fact, I was sharing this with a friend and she said, “How interesting, I can’t stand Cannon Beach…the waves are way too small.  I much prefer…” This got me thinking about how important it is for each of us to discern, very specifically, “our place.”  What is the Beautiful Natural Place that calls to you?  What is the place that heals your soul and expands your sense of possibility?

Retreat there. Prepare to be awed by your potential.