Advancing Toward our Unique Legacy

Heartfelt tears with Lynn Twist, the woman I dream of being now.

“She was the woman that every young girl dreams of being!” These words were uttered in hushed awe as my friend described an older woman who had lived in the house my friend had just purchased. (NOT Lynn Twist, she enters my story later. )  My friend’s retelling of this woman’s life story  sounded nice AND I realized it was WAY different from what I had dreamed of becoming as a young girl.  Like each of us, I had a unique set of dreams.

What did I dream of being?   I dreamed of racing sailboats on the wide blue ocean with a team that won races and swaggered into the yacht club brimming with confidence at day’s end.   I dreamed of leading a wildly successful business.  I dreamed of having a husband who was creative, entertaining and a kind warrior too.  I dreamed of engaging in work that made our world BETTER.

After I, more or less, achieved these things, there were deeper dreams to consider.  The next level of dreams includes the wisdom gleaned from the unexpected disappointments that were not at ALL what I had hoped.  You see, it is at the point where we have some success and messy learning under our belts, that we can turn toward our most potent legacy upon this earth.  To that end, here are a few key questions to answer in the middle of the journey of life.

  • Who is the woman that I dream of being when this is all said and done? 
  • What are ways I want to be and what is the impact I want to have as a leader?
  • What do I want to stand for?

Now is the time to create and live into your unique legacy.  A legacy that builds on all that you have done and are NOW. A legacy that will truly inspire the next generation.  I’m here to support you in getting clear on what is next AND turning toward it, in your unique way using your voice.  YES, now is the time!

P.S. Who is Lynn Twist? Click here to find out!