Receiving with Both Hands, Wholeheartedly

In my spiritual tradition, you always receive a blessed gift with both hands.  You never try to snatch a blessing away, you always put forth both hands.   To receive the greatest experience, one offers of oneself wholeheartedly giving from ones entire being.

When unexpected gifts come your way do you honor them by receiving them with both hands wholeheartedly?  This is a powerful practice that requires focus, presence and agility.  Life’s most magical moments often arise from surprising invitations.   What if we made it a standing, house rule to pause and accept these with both hands?

I’ve noticed lately that I have gotten into the annoying habit of considering the impact of every darned thing before I receive it.  I ponder, “How does this gift fit it into my schedule or business plan?”   I evaluate, “Do I have enough money or energy to fully utilize this gift?”  How exhausting and frankly, off-putting.  I’m pretty sure gifts are NOT going to flow in easily to one in this state of relentless analysis!  What would it be like to simply receive with both hands?

This week when you are offered a gift, especially if it is unexpected, (which is the best kind, right?) simply focus on receiving with both hands, offering yourself wholeheartedly.  I wonder what breathtaking turning points will unfold?

At the very least, this practice will yield; you got it, to the greatest blissful experiences.  Sounds perfect for the year of Honor, Ease and Bliss, right?

photo courtesy of flickr @nicole erin 123