Forced to Retreat after Advancing into a Brick Wall at 100mph while Coughing

Wisdom and Comfort


I got sick with a bad virus last week.  Perhaps, you know the drill?  Up all night coughing, having to cancel and reschedule EVERY appointment for 2 days.

As I lay on the couch, I realize that I have fallen into an old, old pattern of pushing through physical boundaries in order to serve, running on adrenaline.  I have tumbled again into the false belief that I am “the doer”, the one who is making all this happen.  The Truth is, I am simply allowing Divine creative energy to flow through me and it is this energy that inspires all my plans, words and actions, fulfilling my destiny step by step. How can I sustain more of this flow without hitting the wall?

I look down at the coffee table and open up Marianne Williamson’s new book,  A Course in Weight Loss and the first lesson is, may I have a drum roll please  TEAR DOWN THE WALL!!!

What an astonishing teaching! To stop running into it, simply tear it down!!! Per Marianne, and I paraphrase here, “the brick wall is the suffering and pain that we build  brick by brick out of our limiting beliefs to protect ourselves and separate ourselves from others out of fear.” I will never hit the wall, when there is no wall AND when there is no wall, there is only love, enthusiasm and absolute freedom.  PERFECT.

The message has been delivered, what remains of the wall has been illumined, demolition has resumed and of course, I am feeling healthy and vibrant again.