Retreating and Advancing in Good Company

30 Amazing Women-Seattle October 2010

It’s miraculous, what becomes possible when like minded female leaders gather in conversation about things that really matter.  Success is always accelerated by good company.  I’m often asked, How do I choose amazing women to bring into my circle? Here are the selection criteria I use to gather 30 Amazing Women here in Seattle for my quarterly events:

-Does she have wisdom and compassion, a sense of humor, a great laugh, spirit and soul?

-Is she outraged at injustice and indifference?

-Does she want to make a difference and does her leadership have a profound impact?

-Does she have a sense of community, faith that it matters what we do?

-Does she care about the well-being of others beyond her own, for values that are being lost?

-Has she grown through her difficult times?

-Can you count on her?

-Will the circle be a sanctuary for her?

(Inspired by the writings of Jean Shinoda Bolen)

What would you add?

P.S. Are you a big YES to all of the above?  Please know that you are warmly invited to attend my upcoming “30 Amazing Women in BLISS” Event in Seattle?  Click here to register:  30 Amazing Women Event on March 7

P.S.S. Registration closes on February 28 and the seats are going fast.