Advancing by Acknowledging our Differences

Everyone so unique

Wow, everyone is so different!  Try this viewpoint when you are tempted to judge or when you are rocked by unexpected reactions to your leadership.  This perspective generates curiosity and openness, which are guaranteed to get you a better outcome than defensiveness or intense convincing that your thinking is the BEST.   Even if you are convinced you have the best solution, chances of it being accepted (and implemented) are WAY better if you at least acknowledge the other’s perspective first, right?

I’ve been revisiting the 5 Top Strengthfinder Strengths  with my private executive coaching clients.  Not one person has the same Strengths.  If we celebrate our unique strengths and co-create our contributions from there, we’ve got a huge probability of success.

Wow, Everyone is so different!   Remember this, especially with those close to you.  Our differences are indeed what create the spark of attraction between us.

Everyone the same, BORING…and who wants that?

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