Intensive Private Coaching Retreats

Intensive Private Coaching Retreats

Navigating a leadership turning point or contemplating a “next play” in your career or life? During times of transition there is much to consider, excavate and envision.  There is a deep momentum that builds over the course of Intensive Private Retreats.

Time and again, I have witnessed clarity and inner wisdom unfold leading to lasting, transformative change.  There is really nothing quite like a few days of dedicated, customized one-on-one coaching in an inspiring place to uncover what is possible; what is next…

Although the content of each retreat is a unique design, the retreat schedule looks like this:

  • Day 1:
    • Afternoon: Arrival and settling in followed by late afternoon Coaching Session 1.
    • Evening:  Renewal and Self-guided contemplative “deep wisdom” activity.
  • Day 2:
    • Morning:  Exercise, self-guided reflection time followed by Coaching Session 2.
    • Midday:  Self-guided activities which may include: uncovering your internal operating system, shifting beliefs / habits or vision / goal creation.
    • Afternoon:  Coaching Session 3.
    • Evening:  Renewal time, dinner and yes, celebration.
  • Day 3:
    • Morning: Exercise, self-guided reflection time followed by Coaching Session 4:  Action Plan Timeline.
    • Midday:  Lunch and departure.

Our sessions are private and confidential, one-on-one.  Coaching documentation is included so you can flawlessly carry forward your wisdom and commitments.

Interested?  Please contact me to schedule a complimentary exploratory conversation.