Why I stay

  • Because I can’t have what is happening now be the end of my story.
  • Because I have been thinking of propagating plants and if I end up with a new space with lots of windows I will create LOTS of plants.
  • Because I love Kevin, that is mostly it.  The rest of it makes me tired.
  • Because I yearn to spend time with my sisters and one good friend sometime soon.
  • Because I believe that my path is worth walking even though it winds through some dark, deep valleys.
  • Because having a boat named “Surrender Dorothy” is a dream yet to be lived in to. Those adventures are so very enticing in my minds eye.  Waking up on the water.  Light glistening.  Witnessing first Light and last Light every day…and the stars and moon.
  • Because I was given a spiritual name and have yet to become all that it promises.
  • Because I have not yet learned how to be a true friend, to give and receive in balanced joy, not that I wish to track the scales.
  • Because I do believe there will be a new chapter of my life that will be life-giving, flourishing and truly abundant.
  • For more clothes and dinner parties and dancing and kittens.
  • To experience the relief of having the last few years make sense and be a gift vs a tragedy.
  • To become a leader of influence without position or authority.
  • To finally understand the measure of my life’s worth in non-financial terms.

Seattle  April 4, 2024


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