NEW Offering~The Mini Private 60-minute Program

JRS CoachingIs there one area in your leadership or life that could use some insight, creativity and clarity?  While most of my coaching programs span a minimum of 6 months, I’m experimenting with a new format, for those of you who crave a smaller taste of what’s possible.  (Alert: Small taste, Big impact.)

Reserve your session here.

Includes: (1) 60-min session and (2) follow-up emails to support integration.

In this stand-alone session we focus on a specific area where you aspire to close the gap between what is happening and what is possible. Together we clarify perceptions and choices, deepen your understanding of what is beneath the surface, really, really, identify patterns and create action / accountability to move you forward.

For past and current participants in my Art of Communication course, this session can be used to role play a communication scenario.

Limited offering of five per month.