Retreating into Deep Wisdom

Secret Society 2011 Coaching Circle Accessing Deep Wisdom during their July retreat.

Everywhere I look, there is major construction.  Not just resurfacing or refinement, but major blasting apart and hauling away of the pieces.  I’m witnessing the kind of construction that feels like it takes a good deal of time because what is being created is such a significant improvement.  It has me realize that to evolve into what’s next we have to be willing to have things be really messy for a bit.  We need to know what the vision is. We don’t have to do everything  perfectly of course, but we do need a plan that can be adjusted as needed.

The kind of re-construction that I am championing takes maintaining access to deep wisdom on a sustained and on-going basis.  It takes support, it takes refinement and, oh yes, it takes some mighty courage.

In our leadership and life, periods of re-construction are essential to our growth and professional development.   How to do this when we have to keep all our balls in the air?   Well, the only path I know is through curious inquiry, wise reflection with another and deep listening to the clues that are all around.  Rule number one is…you can’t get there running around in your own head entertaining the voices who’s sole purpose are to keep you stuck.

All right.   There are just a few days left to register for Private Renew, Refocus and Re-engage Sessions.  Guided re-construction plans like this one, only happen mid-summer.  What say you?

Advancing with Contentment

Contented sunflowers

Some friends, who I haven’t seen for a while, dropped by for an unexpected visit on Saturday.  It was a bit of a rescue mission, I think, as I had expressed frustration that things were not exactly as I had hoped they would be earlier in the week.  What a wake up call to realize I had been complaining amidst the bounty of miraculous things that are indeed precious to me and um…pretty much on track.

Today, I heard this great phrase from my coach Laura West.  She said, “When you feel frustrated you are resisting who you are becoming.”

This got me pondering. The key to connecting back to the goodness of who we are actually becoming is noticing and yes, celebrating who we are being.   To get there we must be very kind to ourselves and yes, hit the inner “reset button” when we veer off track into frustration.   Especially if we find ourselves complaining about something that is indeed, pretty amazing, but simply isn’t happening fast enough, BIG enough or unfolding in a way that matches our specific expectations.

This week, notice when you are resisting, feeling stuck or complaining and turn toward celebration of what IS working.  Turn toward self-acknowledgement for all the ways you are showing up for you, even though the conditions may not be ideal or fit the specific picture you had envisioned.  (A picture that may simply need to be shifted, by the way.)

Hit your inner “reset button” and savor deep contentment for what is.

Special Invitation:  I have a few private midsummer sessions left for those of you who are craving an inner makeover that will support you in recognizing (and then celebrating) all that you are creating, letting go of what is no longer serving AND unleashing unstoppable momentum in a resonant direction in the months ahead.  To say yes, click here for details and registration.

P.S.  These sessions only happen once per year and once they are filled…well, that’s it.

Advancing with Gentleness

Ferns gently flourishing

I’ve been easing into greater tenderness and compassion within myself.  In order for this to unfold the texture of my striving has become much softer.

These days I am unwilling to muster the driving, relentless internal energy that was often my style in my corporate business career.  Although there was success in that approach, it definitely was not sustainable for my team, the organization or myself.

What I am focusing on now with my executive coaching clients and myself is disciplined, gentle, self-effort.  In order for gentleness to take hold, we must have faith that there is a benevolent energy greater than our minds that is unfolding our destiny.  We must cultivate faith in our ability to align with that energy.  This energy operates silently and powerfully in the projects that we lead if we simply notice it and flow with where it wants to go.  This energy speaks, with creative spark through our heart and not our heads.  In order to recognize its voice we must become soft and flexible.   Silence helps too.

Great faith provides the foundation for striving with gentleness. The greatest leaders have strength yes…and they have absolute confidence that all will indeed turn out in the end.  They have faith in themselves and faith and in the goodness of others.  This faith allows them easy access to the discernment that comes from aligning with the still, voice within.  This voice gets clearer when one’s heart is soft.

May you have faith and the wisdom to balance strength and gentleness in all your striving.