Advancing to Freedom


I just returned from gathering the first batch of bright orange fall leaves from the smallest maple tree back by the big cedars.   Fall always feels like a new beginning to me. Maybe it’s the golden light and the fresh sea breeze?  Maybe it’s the falling leaves that remind me to boldly let go of everything that no longer serves?

I spent August offering service at an international retreat center.  The theme I chose for this month of retreat was strengthening my inner courage and clarity.  I can’t say I am even close to unpacking what was transformed within me.  What did I let go of?  What did I grasp on to?  How did I choose? All I know is there is a new person looking through my eyes.  Or perhaps, for the first time I am keenly aware of who is really looking through my eyes.  

All is vivid and clear and yes, I do feel great courage and confidence.  I’m back on Bainbridge Island coaching and silently integrating. I find myself speaking what is true and offering to others with great gratitude, all I have received. 

To be free you must learn what to let go of and what to grasp on to and when.